America the Frail – Media blackout fails as battered Biden filmed limping out of hospital

After getting injured, Mr. Biden’s team tried to block the media by placing a press van in the way of his exit from the hospital, so that reporters and photographers couldn’t see Biden as he entered the building.

The democratic candidate in the hotly contested US election was desperate not to be seen as a frail, elderly, injured man.

The reason being his handlers are already painfully aware of Mr Biden’s public displays of senile dementia.

One photographer did manage to capture footage of a frail, feeble Biden limping to a car to be driven away after the incident.

The Biden campaign claims came from the candidate “playing with his dog.”

As anyone who has cared for the elderly knows, rough and tumble play with a dog is not something that frail men in Mr. Biden’s medical condition should engage in.

Published by Benjamin Jenkins

Parliamentary correspondent, political hack, honest to a fault.

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