Trump LEADS 205-155 in electoral college as Biden faces Voter Fraud audits in ‘declared’ states.

Many observers are wondering why the media and Democrats are so eager to rush through the certification process during this hotly disputed election, and why there is so much pressure for President Trump to concede to these questionable results. It is quite simple.

Candidate Biden faces losing one or all of Wisconsin (10 Electoral College votes), Georgia (16 EC votes), Arizona (11 EC votes), Michigan (16 EC votes) or Pennsylvania (20 EC votes). This means these States would be taken off Biden’s Electoral College total, which with ALL these states included, still hasn’t reached the required 270.

Biden could lose between 10 and 73 Electoral College votes from his Current total of 155.

Even the pro Democrat New York Times admits this:

The results reported right after the presidential election are not official. The official results will arrive in the coming weeks, after a process called certification.

The details of certification vary from state to state, as officials — sometimes called canvassers — examine the raw numbers reported by precincts and verify that they are accurate.

This starts at the county or municipal level, and then a state official or board must review the local certifications and certify the statewide totals. In presidential races, if states certify their results by the so-called safe harbor deadline — this year, it’s Dec. 8 — those results are largely insulated from further challenges, but they can be overturned in the State Supreme Court or the United States Supreme Court.

States set their own deadlines, but they don’t always meet them: In Mississippi, for example, some counties certified their results late because staff members were out sick with the coronavirus. A missed state deadline isn’t necessarily a big deal. It’s the Dec. 8 deadline that really matters.

In some states, every county may have certified its results already, but it won’t be listed as complete until the state canvassers sign off.

Even then, results can be overturned at State, Federal & Supreme Court level.

Published by Benjamin Jenkins

Parliamentary correspondent, political hack, honest to a fault.

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