The female immigrant who slit this little girl’s throat on mother’s day has been let off by the Courts.

Emily Jones, 7, was playing in a park with her dad when immigrant Eltiana Skana ran up, grabbed the child and slit her throat with a craft knife in broad daylight.

Prosecution barrister Michael Brady QC told the jury that “the Crown Prosecution Service would no longer pursue a murder charge” and asked them to “find Eltiana Skana not guilty of that offence.”

This woman murdered a little girl in broad daylight in a park on Mother’s Day. Eltiona Skana admitted she “picked her victim” then grabbed the little girl and slashed her neck with a craft knife killing her.

The decision to drop the charge had come following evidence from Dr Saifullah Syed Afghan – a consultant forensic psychiatrist who is treating Skana at Rampton Hospital.

Emily Jones was reported by the BBC as a “victim of a stabbing.” The story has been buried by the UK press since then, receiving nowhere near the appropriate level of coverage.

Please help change that disgusting fact by sharing this story.

Published by Benjamin Jenkins

Parliamentary correspondent, political hack, honest to a fault.

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