President Trump poised for re-election as 4th State’s results set for Supreme Court strike down.

As the electoral college meets, 6 states are in dispute, with cases in 4 States pending before the Supreme Court. Disputed States that do not resolve the issues before mid December face losing their right to send electors to the Electoral College. Here is a brief summary of the cases in the states heading to the Supreme Court:

In Nevada: After a judge in Nevada ordered Clark County officials to allow an inspection of the elections equipment and sealed containers used in the 2020 election they found:

42,000 voters voted twice.
1,500 dead people voted.
2,500 people moved out of State and voted.
20,000 voted from a mailing address out of state.
6,000 voted from vacated addresses.
8,000 voted from addresses that did not exist.

In Michigan: forensic analysis of the Dominion voting machines found that they rigged the count so that for every vote for President Trump there were 1.3 votes for Candidate Biden

In Pennsylvania: 79 State Senators are taking the election results to the Supreme Court after the mail in ballot ruling passed by court dictate was found to have breached the Pennsylvania State constitution and the US constitution.

In Georgia:

2,506 felons voted illegally.

66,248 underage & ineligible voters registered illegally.

2,423 voted w/out registration illegally.

1,043 had address as Post-Office illegally.

4,926 registered late illegally.

10,315 dead people voted illegally.

395 cast ballots in another state illegally.

15,700 filed national change of address, 40,279 moved and voted illegally.

100+ affidavits.

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