“What’s the point in voting if people in urban areas can print votes?” Texas fires back at Democrats and it’s game, set & match.

“Texas does not ask this Court to reelect President Trump, and Texas does not seek to disenfranchise the majority of Defendant States’ voters.

To both points, Texas asks this Court to recognize the obvious fact that Defendant States’ maladministration of the 2020 election makes it impossible to know which candidate garnered the majority of lawful votes.”

The solution as based in the Constitution is to either strip the states that failed to run their elections properly from having a say in the Electoral College or to send it back to the state legislatures of those states – who are all pro Trump.

If the electoral college splits it goes to Congress on a one state one vote basis – there are more Republican states than Democrat.

The lesson is: don’t cheat, commies.

Published by Benjamin Jenkins

Parliamentary correspondent, political hack, honest to a fault.

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