Democrat Judge orders forensic audit of dodgy Dominion voting machines be “concealed from the public.”

Nobody disputes that election results first reported for Antrim County, Michigan were horribly wrong. The Democrats admit to falsely handing the county to Joe Biden when in fact it had actually gone heavily for Donald Trump. Six thousand Trump votes were handed to Biden. The very important question of why this error took place is hotly disputed.

The first excuse given was “human error” in updating ballot information. A canvass of votes corrected the error the day after the election. But Attorney Matthew DePerno, representing plaintiff William Bailey who is suing over election tabulation errors, thinks otherwise, after gaining access to forensic imaging of the 22 Dominion voting machines thanks to a ruling by Judge Kevin Elsenheimer.

Via The Tennessee Star:

“A team of seven forensic investigators associated with Allied Security Operations Group (ASOG) examined the voting machines for about eight hours on Dec. 6.

According to podcaster Steve Gruber of Real America’s Voice, “Judge Elsenheimer allowed the ASOG team of seven to capture images of the hard drives, thumb drives, and master thumb drives from the 22 townships in Antrim County.”

Gruber claimed on Steve Bannon’s “War Room” broadcast on Monday that the forensics team reported that the master thumb drive was missing but was later found in an unattended, “unsecured drawer.”

He said it is the first time anyone has done a “deep dive” into the machines. Gruber also said that on the day after Thanksgiving, “three townships found open ports in the machines.”

They were supposed to be able to release their results within 48 hours.

Because Dominion systems were used in 47 out of 83 counties, hard evidence that Dominion Systems were used to flip votes from Trump to Biden would be grounds to decertify the State of Michigan election results.

In his Dec. 4 court order allowing the forensic examination, Elsenheimer included a restriction on the “use, distribution or manipulation of the forensic images and/or other information gleaned from the forensic investigation” without court permission.

Matthew Deperno has asked for an emergency order tomorrow from Judge Elsenheimer removing the protective order on the results of the forensic audit. 

Here is DePerno discussing the case on Newsmax:

Public confidence in the integrity of the vote in this election is disastrously low, so we deserve more than the assurances of officials that it was human error. Let the evidence speak for itself.

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