Electoral College: Trump LEADS 232 – 222, with 84 disputed as 7 States send ‘Duelling Electors.’ VP Pence has FINAL say which Electoral Votes count.

A cascade of events took place yesterday that again cast serious doubts on the legitimacy of the 2020 election, as well as the claims to victory of the Democrat Party.

A Judge in Michigan yesterday overruled the objections of Democrats and ordered the release of an audit report that confirmed forensically that Dominion Voting Systems’ “adjudication” process was used to rig Trump votes into Biden votes.

The error rate scanning ballots in Antrim County, Michigan was 68.05%. Dominion Voting Systems are also used in Clark County, Nevada. Clark County, Nevada election officials also *HAPPENED* to report an error scanning “ABOUT 70% OF BALLOTS”.

Despite unconstitutional attempts by the Police to block the process, Michigan’s electors voted for President Trump:

Then, Arizona Senate Judiciary Chairman E. Farnsworth announced in committee “the authorization for a full forensic audit on Dominion machines and software.”

They followed this up by sending Electors for President Trump.

Georgia also sent their Electors for President Trump. So did Pennsylvania.

This lead the Georgia Secretary of State to announce they are conducting a signature audit in #CobbCounty, but worryingly the results will be released in 2 weeks. Why would it take 2 weeks to audit a sample batch of signatures?

The answer to that question is the reason New Mexico sent in its own slate of electors for President Trump.

Nevada followed suit, sending Electors for President Trump.

We should have audits everywhere that Dominion Voting Systems software is used, especially Michigan, Arizona and Georgia. The reasons the 2020 election is a debacle are not that hard to understand. This expert analysis from a former NASA, CIA & FBI data analyst pretty much sums it up

7 States to save them all, from the fraud of Biden. 7 States to rescue America, and in the darkness find Pence.

Published by Benjamin Jenkins

Parliamentary correspondent, political hack, honest to a fault.

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