President Trump demands $4000 per US family as the media’s Strange Story of Schrodinger’s Trump continues: at once an ‘evil genius’ who is ‘too stupid to know he lost.’

Let’s look back at 2015 together and see what we can agree on. Populism was on the rise on the left & right. Whomever had the bravery to grasp the stinging thistle would take it all or lose it all.

The establishment were terrified. On the left terrified of Bernie Sanders and his Keynsian economic policies, on the right terrified of the manifestations of populism typified by the rise of the TEA Party earlier in the decade.

The sensible centre, now known as “The Swamp”, was forced for the first time in decades, to consider its position and how to maintain it.

As there was not yet a figurehead for the right to coalesce around, the swamp wrongly saw the left as the threat, and acted accordingly. They cheated Sanders of the 2016 Democrat nomination. They co opted movements like BLM, to be hollowed out and retrofitted to their purposes – Democrat fundraising.

President Trump demands $4000 stimulus package per family

When Trump announced his candidacy the swamp celebrated. Let’s promote him as the ‘pied piper’ candidate, they said, and cackled to themselves at how mendaciously smart they were.

In January 2017 they had no choice but to stare in horror at the results of their work as President Donald John Trump was sworn into office.

On that day a cold civil war began in America that had arguably been bubbling away under the surface since the last civil war. It permeated the media, the political class, the civil service, the military and the intelligence service.

As with the previous civil war, it was started by the Democrats.

The factions on the Left that the swamp had neutered to promote their chosen candidate were ramped up, given carte blanched from media Allies, funding from big donors and positions in the party infrastructure.

The sensible centrists were systematically radicalised not just against President Trump, but against everyone who voted for him.

Trump supporters were killed in the streets simply for openly supporting the President of their country. When the Democrat political enforcers like BLM would run over and paralyse Trump supporters in the street, Democrats let the perpetrators off.

There is a political naivete to Trump, and his supporters. It’s part of their charm.

They believe. They believe in the Constitution. They believe in the Presidency. They believe in the American experiment.

Clearly, their opponents do not.

That is the greatest weakness of those establishment figures opposing President Trump – they do not believe in anything save stopping him.

Let’s come back to the present day. Were there systemic irregularities in the execution of the 2020 vote? Only a fool or a liar would deny it. Will that stop the seemingly inevitable process we see unfolding before us? Not unless there is a change in tactics from President Trump’s supporters.

Trump won 12million more votes than 2016. Every bellwether county. Every bellwether state. And yet he lost? Statistically impossible.

The late night voting dumps. The partizan judiciary refusing to hear cases. SCOTUS dismissing the worries of the lonestar state. The presidents advisers and civil servants lying to him. Fox News turning on him.

None of what has been done to shut down investigators happens if there was a sea of MAGA in DC every day, surrounding Congress, the SCOTUS and the Whitehouse.

The establishment has starved the American people during a pandemic so as to deny a stimulus package before the election. They aren’t shy about giving the US taxpayers money to foreign nations, though.

Trumps latest move, to demand 4000 dollars for every American family, proves why the media and Establishment they represent are right to fear President Trump.

There is the smell of an American Restoration in the air. I don’t think the American public are in the mood to forgive or forget when it comes to what has happened. If you don’t believe me I’ve got 2 words for you:

David Dorn.

Published by Benjamin Jenkins

Parliamentary correspondent, political hack, honest to a fault.

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