The US Military is prepping for Martial Law in response to electoral fraud, bombings & government hacks.

The United States Military is preparing for Martial Law, according to Newsweek Magazine.

The top brass of the US military looks like it’s split over the prospect of Trump invoking such emergency powers, yet each side is planning accordingly in the event that he does.

Some of the highest-ranking officials in the Department of Defense are going all out in readiness for the order, whilst others seem to be actively disobeying orders.

This is reminiscent of the Scandal in Syria, where pro Democrat factions of the US military boasted that they had successfully mislead the President on the actual number of US troops in Syria.

There has been a purge of the Pentagon following the election debacle, and the Biden transition team have been refused security clearance whilst National Security is ensured.

Some members of the Military have been quite plain in their feelings towards the election scandal:

A number of high ranking US military officials have come out with their fears over the election irregularities surrounding Dominion voting systems.

In the wake of the Georgia carcrash/bombing, the Tennessee AT&T bombing as well as the Solarwinds hack, it would appear that there is a lot of smoke considering the media and political establishment keep insisting there is no fire.

General Flynn will lead pro Trump forces in the Washington DC meeting on January 6th.

More to follow.

Published by Benjamin Jenkins

Parliamentary correspondent, political hack, honest to a fault.

One thought on “The US Military is prepping for Martial Law in response to electoral fraud, bombings & government hacks.

  1. These last four years have been such an education on how our government works. I’m talking mostly of our Constitution and how our forefathers had all possibilities figured out in case of election fraud. It has been quite a ride so far, so giddy up go. Mr. President! You are right where we need you to be! You’re amazing !


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