Scotland will never be independent & will never join the EU – Sturgeon & the SNP have completely missed their opportunity.

Let’s put aside the fact the Scots don’t have their own central bank – a requirement for all nations joining the EU. Let’s also put aside the fact their economy & debt profile breaches the EU rules for membership. Let’s just concentrate on the electoral politics of a push for Scottish Independence.

When the SNP say that “Scotland voted to Remain” they lie, as the UK had a vote on the matter, not Scotland. They also neglect to mention that there are 1.1 million leave voters in Scotland. There are only around 900 thousand SNP voters in Scotland.

When the Scottish Independence referendum was held, the SNP held over 90% of Scotland’s Westminster MP seats, over 90% of the Scottish Parliament seats and over 90% of the local Scottish councils.

They lost the Independence referendum 55/45 – a massive 10 point losing margin.

Today they are down 10 MPs from that peak in Westminster seats and have lost their majority of Scottish Parliament seats & Scottish Councils.

The SNP lost the independence referendum at their peak. How would they win another one from a weaker position? It makes zero sense.

Scotland isn’t going to leave the UK, and it isn’t joining the EU. It doesn’t matter how many remain voters there are – they’re all split up amongst the parties. (Sorry, welcome to a stable, mature democracy.)

This whole debate ignores the fact that the UK Parliament decides if Scotland gets another vote on Independence, and it has an 80 seat Tory majority because of Brexit.

Sorry Sturgeon. Its time to start being realistic I think.

Published by Benjamin Jenkins

Parliamentary correspondent, political hack, honest to a fault.

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