US Capitol taken by #StopTheSteal Trump supporters after suspicious vote dumps in Georgia election & Pennsylvania Senate meltdown.

They booked up every plane, hotel and guesthouse in the Capitol, and they aren’t leaving any time soon.

They are demanding a nationwide forensic audit. They want an investigation into vote counts that had suspicious ballot dumps in states using compromised election infrastructure. They want investigations into the suspicious halts to votes when 100s of thousands of votes appeared for the Democrats.

Others believe that the 2020 election was an Act of War and/or treason committed on the American Republic, and want harsh punishments for those involved.

They are fed up after witnessing more suspicious vote dumps in the Georgia run off, as evidenced by the highly suspicious voting graphs, containing dumps of votes similar to those seen last November.

As in November the questionable votes came after failures of voting machines in Republican districts coupled with deductions from the Republican vote total – something which should not happen in an additive process.

There were also suspicious halts in the vote counting that went unexplained, as we saw with the so called “water leak” in Georgia in November.

It remains to be seen which of the contested electoral college votes Vice President Pence chooses to count, if any.

One thing is for sure, Mitt Romney is not a popular man, as he found when he got on a plane that was jam packed with Trump supporters.

Meanwhile in Pennsylvania the State Senate forcibly removed their Lt Governor and refused to seat the Senators who have claimed victory via the unconstitutional voting methods employed in that state.

They also decertified their electors for today’s electoral college vote. There was a lot of shouting and anger.

Today will likely be a long day. We will keep you posted on all developments.

Published by Benjamin Jenkins

Parliamentary correspondent, political hack, honest to a fault.

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