A letter to our American cousins in this most troubling time.

“When the people fear the government there is tyranny, when the government fears the people there is liberty.” – Thomas Jefferson

As a limey let me remind you colonists – America was founded on political violence. Politics is war, is violence, by other means.

Many of you are gamer geeks and computer nerds, so ill use a metaphor you might engage with. Republican Democracy is the operating system used to run the machine that is the American nation.

When operating systems crash from malware, they must be rebooted. Sometimes you need a hard reboot. A return to MS DOS, as it were. Yesterday we saw what that looks like in political terms. In politics the hard reboot, the return to MS DOS, is by definition violent.

Put bluntly – If violence is unacceptable when elections are being rigged, then let’s have our colony back. The colonist peasantry stole it using political violence, after all.

Let’s have the back taxes and interest on that tea they threw in the sea, whilst we’re at it. No? I rather thought not. So let’s speak plainly.

The mixture of naivety and hypocrisy on display in response to yesterday’s (and ill steal a line from the media here) “mostly peaceful” protests is astonishing.

A man who pointed a loaded gun at a pregnant woman’s womb as he robbed her in her own home was lauded as a hero when he died, and America burned for a year in response – all justified by the same people condemning yesterday’s #stopthesteal protest, which was carried out due to election fraud.

The message is clear: the Establishment class are terrified of those who refuse to bend the knee, and indulgent of those who do.

Yesterday they learned what Thomas Jefferson once said. They learned fear.

And I for one think that is glorious. The American Restoration is afoot. You should be grateful to God that you are lucky enough to be alive to serve the Republic during this time. You have done so well, achieved so much. All you need do is strive for more. That final stretch. That full American Restoration, a Republic renewed.

There is no uncrossing the Rubicon. Don’t lose your nerve now, you are nearly there. So close. The renewed Republic awaits.

Finally, In honour of the first martyr of the American Restoration, gunned down in defence of the Republic by a traitor, let us take a moment to pay our respects to the late, great A. Babbitt. 14 year veteran. She promised to fight and die defending the Republic. She kept that promise.

The Liberty tree is honoured to sup from thee, patriot. We are humbled by your sacrifice.

Pax Americana. Pax Anglophonica. Pro Patria.

Published by Benjamin Jenkins

Parliamentary correspondent, political hack, honest to a fault.

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