“Don’t forget Trump’s MAGA movement is 75 million+ brilliant Americans strong. They & the America First agenda continues forward” Katie Hopkins.

“What the media forget is that separate to Trump, and off the back of Trump, is what’s called the MAGA movement, and it continues to go forward.

What the media forget is that there are 75 million+ Americans, brilliant Americans, that are part of that MAGA movement and I’ve tried to kiss them all!

They are still here. 75 million+ Americans who believe in individual liberty, personal responsibility, personal freedom to defend your faith, and your families, and your freedoms.

The right to work hard and to play fair. The Conservative principles of putting America First.

They are not going anywhere. The movement remains strong, and I believe that the America First agenda is going to come back stronger than ever.

Please don’t buy into the myths that it’s over for President Trump & MAGA. America First will prevail.”

Published by Benjamin Jenkins

Parliamentary correspondent, political hack, honest to a fault.

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