GameStopGate: We’re about to see Hedgefund Managers jump from windows in numbers not seen since 1929.

Melvin Capital shorts GME. It’s a sure bet since GameStop is a dying company with a dying business model

whole bunch of other hedge funds get in on guaranteed money

uh oh, r/wsb and /biz/ find out the outstanding shorts add up to 130% of the existing shares. They start buying shares and refusing to sell since it’s guaranteed profits

when the short positions comes due, hedge funds have to buy every share on the market and then another 30% if they want to avoid getting assfucked by the SEC and every bloodthirsty lawyer on the planet for breach of contract and breaking tons of laws

the positions close Friday EOD

weaponized autism knew this would happen. Price per share goes from about $20 last month to $145 at close yesterday

any price above $175 means Melvin does not have enough assets to cover the purchase and their bank is on the hook for the difference

Elon “based African American” Musk tweets a link to a WSB about the whole thing. Probably because of a grudge from when Melvin bragged about shorting TSLA

GME opened at $340 this morning and only stayed below $300 after hours

/biz/ is confident it’ll hit $1000 by Friday

since there is a buyer that MUST buy every share (and then some) by a certain time, there is no theoretical upper limit to the share price. As long as the autism continues to HODL the price keeps going up

shills are everywhere desperately begging us to sell

We’re about to see hedgies jump from windows in numbers not seen since 1929

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Parliamentary correspondent, political hack, honest to a fault.

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